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Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning

Re-mapping opportunity: making best use of the economic potential of Russia's regions

Pliseckij E. E., Pryadilnikov M. V., Steshenko A. et al.

Washington: The World Bank, 2018.

Property Rights in Land and Output Growth in Russia during Expansion Periods (2001-2008, 2010-2014) In print

Ilina I. N., Leonard C. S., Nazarov Z.

Economics of Transition. 2018.

Book chapter
Urban Administration

Ilina I. N., Pliseckij E. E.

In bk.: Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Switzerland: Springer, 2018. P. 1-8.

Working paper
How Democracy Could Cause Economic Growth: The Last 200 Years

Yanovskiy K. M., Shestakov D., Leonard C. S.

Social Science Research Network. Social Science Research Network. SSRN, 2014. No. P16, P50, N40, O40.

The Institute for regional studies and urban planning was established in 2011 as a research unit of the HSE and is responsible for conducting research in the field of territorial and strategic planning, preparation of strategic documents of regional development, development projects and financial-economic models of innovation and investment development of urban areas, development of tourist clusters concepts, providing research in the field of spatial and socio-economic development of the Arctic territories of Russia, development of innovative models for managing of urban development. Scientific-applied activities of the Institute combined with the implementation of research results into the educational process in cooperation with the Chair for regional studies of the Department of public and municipal administration, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Lecturers by Professors of School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University

The lectures were provided within programm of academic mobility between HSE and Cardiff University. Professor Paul Milbourne Head of the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University and Lecturer of School Andrew Williams visited Institute for regioanl studies and urban planning and gave two lectures (Brexit and the agri-food system in the UK: from migrant labour crises to the possibilities of food justice by Professor Paul Milbourne and Religion, spirituality and addiction treatment: new critical perspectives by Dr Andrew Williams).

Research seminar "Arctic Sustainability Across the 21st Century"

Lecturer was hold on Wednesday, March 22 within Arctic Expert Club HSE - NArFU by Paul Berkman is Professor of Practice in Science Diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts.

Institute at Forum on “Shaping smarter and more sustainable cities: striving for sustainable development goals” (19 - 20 May, Rome)

Director Irina Ilina made a presentation at Session 7: Smart sustainable cities in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda: the way forward. 

Institute at 24th NISPAcee Annual Conference 19 - 21 May, Zagreb

Carol Leonard and Evgenij Pliseckij took part at seminar of Working proup IV. Regional Development and Inter-regional and presented paper "Governance and Cross-regional Coordination in Russia’s Regional Transformation: Towards a More Cooperative Federalism"

Institute at The 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

Director Irina Ilina took part in Forum which held in Baku, Azerbaijan, 25-27 April 2016. The UNAOC 7th Global Forum will harness the multiple perspectives of various sectors to meet the challenge of, and progress towards, inclusive living in today’s increasingly diverse societies.

Institute at RSA Annual Conference 2016, Graz, Austria

Deputy director Evgenij Pliseckij took part in the Annual Conference 2016 "Building Bridges: Cities and Regions in a Transnational World" (3rd - 6th April) with the report "Sustainable infrastructure development model for Russian cities".

The second meeting of the Arctic Expert Club

On October 23, HSE Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning and the Arctic Center for Strategic Research (NArFU) held a panel discussion on Environmental Demands for Russian Arctic Economical Development Establishment.

HSE and NArFU Researchers Unveil New Arctic Development Proposals

Russia’s Arctic territories are home to a diverse but highly vulnerable ecosystem and to traditional lifestyles lived by native peoples resident in the region. It is a region that boasts significant natural resources. So how can we expand our exploitation of these resources and develop the Arctic economy without negatively impacting either the region’s delicate ecosystems or the native people’s way of life? The Institute for Regional Research and Urban Planning at HSE and the Arctic Center for Strategic Research at NArFU held a round table to examine these issues. The round table discussion proposed a resolution for distribution to federal state agencies.

Illustration for news: HSE Students to Create Model for Smart City

HSE Students to Create Model for Smart City

In October 2015 HSE and GS Group signed an agreement to work together on educational initiatives. One of its priorities is a student project to create working models for a smart city. The results could be used to make innovational infrastructures for small cities in Russia.

2015 Thorvald Stoltenberg Conference on Arctic Urban Sustainability in Russia

The 2015 Thorvald Stoltenberg Conference on Arctic Urban Sustainability in Russia was organized by the Barents Institute at The University of Tromsø and the Arctic University of Norway and took place on September 24-26 in Kirkenes, Norway. The event was dedicated to sustainable development of Arctic urban settlements and addressed issues ranging from the analysis and assessment of natural and climatic processes to socio-economic and geopolitical factors and the models of development. Leading researchers from the universities of the USA, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Finland and Poland took part in the conference. The Research School of Regional Arctic Studies, organized by the Institute of Regional Studies and Urban Planning and the Department for Spatial Development and Regional Studies represented HSE at the event.